Dad was at the house with me for the day. Weekends are going to be the most progressive days. I really can’t do all this on my own.

Porch Before

Porch Before

Porch After

We started the day trying to fix the broken front door but got no where. Then we began replacing the rotted corner of the patio. The roofers are coming on Wednesday so this needed to be fixed before the new roof was laid on top. We had to pull all the facing off to see how much of the structure was damaged. Boy were we lucky! Just had to cut about 20″ off the beam and replace one piece of ply wood and one piece of facing. It took a little MacGyver-ing but dad and I put out heads together and figured it out. Plus, aside from the one piece of facing, dad had all the supplies we needed in his work shop.

Total budget to repair rotted porch: $7.98

Ceiling Before

Ceiling After Dad's wrath!

After that, dad and I butted heads over the process for repairing the ceiling in the living room. I wanted to just cut around the hole and patch it with new drywall. My plan is to scrape the popcorn and paint anyway – so why not just do a patch job. Dad wanted to pull down entire panels of drywall and replace them. THEN, as we began pulling the first two down he wanted to just replace the  entire ceiling!!! Thankfully my PawPaw (the man who knows best in any situation) showed up and affirmed my idea. We stopped demolition on the ceiling and will repair the 3x bigger hole once the new roof is on and there is no more leak!

Kitchen wall now

Proposed Pass-Thru

While PawPaw was there, I was able to walk him thru the rest of my plans for house. He knows how to work with electric wiring and such, so I needed to get his OK on some of my plans. He loved the idea of the pass-thru once I showed him the mock up. He’s going to help with the creation of that, I hope and with the installation of the pendent lights, moving the dining room table light, and adding a light in the new closet.

Also today, mom brought me lunch, signed the contract for the roofers and cleaned out the 2nd bedroom of carpet padding, tackstrips and other grime!




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  1. Chris Says:

    I had no idea that these videos were going to be so put together and professional–what kind of time are you you actually spending on the renovations? 🙂

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