I finally see the house!

I finally see the house!


I couldn’t sleep this morning and at 3:30 I finally rolled out of bed and got in a cab to the airport – WAY too early.

When I landed, my folks had left a car for me in the parking lot so I could drive myself right to my dad’s inauguration mass. He was recently elected District Councilman (or as Chris and I call it “District Selectman, Tony DeLuge!”) THat’s right – I said¬†inauguration mass. They’ve yet to separate church and state in South Louisiana. Then the lunch that followed. Then back home to change. THEN I was finally allowed to see my new house (only after and excruciating tour of the neighborhood!).

It was overwhelming – I won’t lie about it. A home that’s been vacant for a year and a half gets dingy and there are a lot more ‘smaller details’ than I was expecting. But it’s all doable!! Especially with my amazing parents and extended family to help.

More later


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